Båtsfjord Brygge is a complete facility for anglers and others who want to experience the Finnmark coast. The Barents Sea with the East Sea is right outside the resort and offers great fishing spots. From here you have short way to go fishing for cod, halibut, oats, haddock and many other species. Båtsfjord is Norway's largest fishing port and the harbor is lively. Norwegian and Russian fishing boats dominate the port.

  • ‍Båtsfjord is Norway's largest fishing village and the largest fishing port in the Nordic region
  • Here you can go fishing for cod, halibut, haddock, honey and more
  • We have freezer compartment for storing.

It is a short distance to the fishing spots from Båtsfjord Brygge. Inside the Båtsfjord, there are many options getting towards deeper water. Skarbergurrunnen furthest in Båtsfjorden to the east is one of the most famous. Cod and pollock are some of the fish stocks listed here. The same further east towards Makkaur where you will find shallow and steep edges towards the depths, such as Storgrunnsbakken and Korsnesbakken. A good place for halibut is Makkaur-Sandfjorden. On the sandy shores with depths between 10 and 25 meters you will find one of their favorite places. West of Båtsfjorden is the Kongsfjord, also with many good fishing spots. The weather can turn quickly here so follow the weather forecast and observe the weather when you're out on the sea. Go ashore as soon as the wind gets stronger.

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