Syltefjordelva runs 15 km east of Båtsfjord Brygger - only a short half-hour drive away. The rivers fishing line is approx. 35 km and originates in the water Ordo (250 m.o.h.) located in the middle of Varangervidda. Therefore, Ordojohka (Sami name) is called Ordojohka's, until the confluence with Skogåselva. From the riverside to the sea, the river is called Vesterelva, but the river is only referred to as Syltefjordelva. Salmon fishing in the river has considerably increased in recent years, and previous seasons have been exemplary with annual catch statistics of 5-6 tons - something which is very good for such a small river. The main part of the salmon caught is small and medium sized, with a decent amount of large salmon. Salmon season usually start in mid-June, but the majority of salmons can be seen in July. Syltefjordelva offers what can be characterized as wildwater fishing, while at the same time the river is easily accessible by car and countless trails, which is an advantage since the most attractive salmon shells are found in the river's upper two thirds. At the bottom, conditions are characterized by coarse rock, sand and gravel that provide many exciting stempoints.

Fishing licenses can be purchased directly from the hosts at Båtsfjord Brygge, where you will also be able to disinfect your private fishing equipment, which is mandatory before you start fishing. Contact us for prices on fishing licenses and information about fishing rules. There is no limit on the number of fishing cards per day and the fishing license applies to the whole river with some exceptions in the lower part of the river. There are a few stretches that are not open to general fishing, but these are well marked along the trails. We ask all fishermen to respect it and to not fish within selected areas.

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